HSP27: Family Members

IHC staining of human colon cancer, 1:100,000, using Anti-Hsp27 (clone: 8A7)
The human genome encodes 10 members of the HSPB family (Table 2).38 These proteins have molecular mass in the range of 17.0–28.4 kDa and contain a conservative α-crystallin domain. Some of these proteins (HSPB1, HSPB5, HSPB6, HSPB8) are ubiquitously expressed in practically all cell types, whereas others (HSPB3, HSPB4, HSPB7, HSPB9, and HSPB10) are less abundantly expressed and their level is high only in certain tissues39,40. Thus, all members of HSPB family are important for cell functioning under normal and stress conditions.


Table 2. Members of the HspB family

Name Synonyms Uniprot ID Chromosome Location Number of
amino acid residues
HspB1 Hsp25, Hsp27,Hsp28 P04792 7q11.23 205
HspB2 MKBP Q16082 11q22-q23 182
HspB3 HSP27, HSPL27 Q12988 5q11.2 150
HspB4 αA-Crystallin P02489 21q22.3 173
HspB5 βB-Crystallin P02511 11q22.3-q23.1 175
HspB6 Hsp20, p20 O14558 19q13.12 157
HspB7 cvHsp Q9UBY9 1p36.23-p34.3 170
HspB8 Hsp22, H11 Q9UJY1 12q24.23 196
HspB9 Q9BQS6 17q21.2 159
HspB10 ODF1 Q14990 8q22.3 250